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Garage coatings, in our opinion, should be a luxury that anybody can afford. We’ve done just that by offering the highest-quality floor coatings at a reasonable price.

Garage Floor Coating

Takes a professional preparation and installation team, and that’s just what we’ve accomplished here at Allstate Concrete Coatings.

Garage Coatings in Phoenix & Surrounding Areas

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We’ve been serving Arizona Homeowners for many years and helping establish fabulous garage floors.

Epoxy Flooring (WE OFFER Polyaspartic which is an Alternative to Epoxy) is a wonderful option for so

many homeowners in the valley, everything from slip-resistant to easy to clean when needed.

Not to mention, our custom Polyaspartic garage flooring provides peace of mind that it’s getting done right the first time around.

Our Garage Coatings Process

Polyaspartic floor installation is a time-consuming and complex task that isn’t appropriate for a do-it-yourself project. In actuality, getting the job done needs a great deal of education and expertise. In this case, Allstate Concrete Coatings comes in handy. We’re Polyaspartic flooring experts who can install Polyaspartic coatings in any garage to your exact specifications. The procedure we employ is as follows:

1) Thorough Inspection of the Concrete We have tremendous samples so you can get a better understanding of what you want on your Scottsdale Garage Floor. Doing a thorough inspection of the concrete garage floor before figuring out what it’s going to take is a critical step of the process.

2) Preparation of the Garage Floor – Preparation of your Scottsdale Garage Floor has to be done with precision and professionalism. To get the best results, you need to plan ahead. Our special grinder will grind and level your floors as a result of this. Many competitors employ acid etching, and you won’t get the same high-quality final finish.

3) Application of the Floor Coatings We start out by applying the Polyaspartic right after the floor has been prepared correctly. Shortly thereafter, we’ll spread flakes depending on your choice of our various options. Just like that, your epoxy floor will be completed within 1-3 days!!

How We Differentiate?

We Grind Every Floor
100% UV Stable Coatings

From Our Customers

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“The team at Allstate Concrete Coatings was extremely helpful. We have a house in Scottsdale and we wanted an polyaspartic garage floor!”

– Deron S. // Google

“I had Allstate Concrete Coatings come out to my house in Scottsdale/Cave Creek for garage epoxy…would recommend them any day!!”

– Drew L. // Google

“I found Allstate Concrete Coatings using Google and I quickly realized they were the real deal when it came to concrete floor coatings.”

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