Luxury Floors That Last.

Whether you need a driveway or garage coatings, Allstate Coatings can help. We believe floor coatings should be a luxury anyone can afford. 

Why Allstate Concrete Coatings?


Our Polyaspartic Flooring Formula is extremely durable, we take pride in our process!! Arizona Homeowners can appreciate that they’re getting the right solution for their garage floor.

No Slip & Easy To Clean

Get a slip-resistant floor coating that helps get the job done. One of the major benefits to our Polyaspartic coating is that you will never have to watch your step in your garage, patio, or pool deck.

Glossy Look

All of our customers value their brand new and amazing-looking garage floor after installation. Our solution is permanent to your garage floor that you can brag about.

5-Star Rating

We’ve been providing concrete coatings to Scottsdale homeowners for many years and have a track record that no other Polyaspartic and concrete coatings company can match. 5-Star Products Only.

Licensed & Insured

We take pride in being Fully Licensed & Insured by the State of Arizona. Scottsdale homeowners want to work with a company that is legally operating in Arizona. Entrust us with your next flooring project. 

Customer Experience

At our Scottsdale garage epoxy company, one of the things we value most is the customer experience. We recognize the significance of a flawless Polyaspartic installation process and wonderful final product.

“The team at Allstate Concrete Coatings was extremely helpful. We have a house we wanted an Polyaspartic garage floor!”

– Deron S. // Google

“I had Allstate Concrete Coatings come out to my house in Scottsdale/Cave Creek for garage epoxy…would recommend!!”

– Drew L. // Google

“I found Allstate Concrete Coatings using Google and I quickly realized they were the real deal when it came to concrete floor coatings.”

– Zane L. // Google

1) Grind The Floor

First things first is the grinding, it’s critical that you grind the entire floor for the best preparation job. A lot of epoxy companies don’t use grinding whatsoever, that’s the worst possible thing for your floor coatings. Grinding get’s rid of the floor imperfections, stains, and much more from the existing floor.

2) Patch The Floor

Remember, concrete coatings are all in the preparation of the existing garage, patio, or driveway floor. We can assure you a good coating if the floor is patched and scrapped correctly. Our experienced installers will patch the floor cracks with the appropriate material which creates longevity in your floor.

3) Apply Base Coat

Our base coat is state-of-the-art, it’s called Polyaspartic. 90% of coating companies use a product called Polyurea which is inferior to our solution. Polyaspartic base coat is 100% UV Stable, which means your floor can take the Arizona Beating Sun without a doubt. And the floor won’t turn yellow like other systems.

4) Throw Flakes

In this step, we make your floor beautiful. The flakes/chips are what make your garage, patios, or driveway stylish, and the look you have always been looking for. We carefully toss the flakes across the entirety of the project floor, this step also helps with creating a slip-resistance component.

5) Apply Top Coat

Our Top Coat is called 100% Polyaspartic Clear Coat – this is the most superior coatings top coating in the world. Again, it’s 100% UV Stable which is the first layer that the sun will beat on. We apply a thick layer of Polyaspartic Clear Coat to every project whether indoors or out-door projects!!

How We Differentiate?

We Grind Every Floor

100% UV Stable Coatings

Before & After

Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs Polyaspartic Garage Flooring in Arizona?

Certainly, Our Polyaspartic Garage Flooring is going to make or break your garage style. Anyone with a garage floor that is used consistently should look at investing in this new way of stylish garage floors. Houses in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Cave Creek and beyond are great locations. 

How much does Polyaspartic garage flooring cost in Scottsdale? 

The average Polyaspartic garage floor coating in Arizona is $1,500 for a one car garage. Due to the customized projects and specific concrete flooring needs, the price is going to vary. Rest assured, we’re going to work with you to develop a plan that works for you.

How long does Polyaspartic garage flooring last? 

We take pride in our Polyaspartic Garage Flooring solution because it lasts much longer than your traditional flooring solution. The floor coating typically lasts the same length as the floor it’s applied to.

Do I need a professional to install Polyaspartic or can I DIY? 

Arizona Homeowners that work with us get peace of mind that the job is getting done the first time around. We certainly don’t recommend doing it yourself, for obvious reasons including but limited to bubbling and other malfunction might occur. 

What makes Allstate Concrete Coatings different?

There are many epoxy companies that pop up with no real concrete coating experience whatsoever. Our company is led by an Polyaspartic and concrete coating veteran who also owns a painting company in Scottsdale. Additionally, we have been installing Polyaspartic garage floors for many years now. 

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