What Is Better Than Epoxy For Garage Flooring?

Your garage cannot afford to have a poor flooring option. The garage is one of the essential parts of any home and a place that is more than just a storage place. Garages are a place of heavy foot traffic and need to be able to support consistent vehicle wear and tear. Metallic epoxy flooring is the best option available for this kind of use. Metallic epoxy flooring enhances the longevity of your garage floor and makes it look better. Each epoxy flooring installation is unique to the customer’s demands, with no two jobs looking the same. The only option for a homeowner’s garage is metallic epoxy flooring, with its improved resilience and a garage floor appearance to call your own.

Enhanced Strength 

If you’re looking to improve the strength and durability of your garage or floor, metallic epoxy coatings are the best solution available. Metallic epoxy utilizes a multi-step primer to unite metallic pigments to create strong flooring. Applying metallic epoxy over your primary concrete garage flooring will form a base that will endure years without general wear, crevices, cracks, or nicks. In addition, epoxy garage flooring offers heightened strength in practices that other flooring styles cannot.

Enhanced Safety

No one should need to concern themselves with your family or guests’ safety when entering your garage. In addition to being incredibly strong, the epoxy garage flooring is also safer than any other option. Epoxy for garage flooring is slip-resistant, enhancing the protection of guests when entering your home. When considering garage flooring options, safety is paramount, and epoxy flooring is the best way to ensure a proper level of security. In addition, the epoxy garage flooring is also chemical resistant, dodging severe chemical conditions to your body. 

A Unique Look

When considering epoxy for garage flooring, note that your installation is unique. No two epoxy garage floors will look identical, providing the homeowner with complete freedom over the style of your garage floor. The installation of epoxy garage floors is made with care and dedication to the vision of your tastes in mind. In addition to a glossy, finished appearance, your garage floor can mirror your imaginative side, with the choice of any color for installation- green, orange, red, white, and so many more options available to satisfy your garage floor dreams.

Professional Installation

Allstate Concrete Coatings can remedy any stress relating to the flooring job. A professional team of experienced, hard-workers will provide the installation work your garage floor has always deserved. Everyone at Allstate Concrete Coatings is licensed and insured, providing a stress-free installation. There is no need to look for an alternative company; this team is the most capable group to manage your epoxy garage floor installation.

Why Allstate Coatings?

If you’re a Scottsdale resident who is a home or business owner, Allstate Concrete Coatings is the best choice for metallic epoxy installation. Allstate Concrete Coating is the leader in quality in the coatings industry and has the experience to confirm it. In addition, the team at Allstate Concrete Coating is bonded, insured, and licensed and works hard to provide the most exemplary service for a competitive market price. The team will work tirelessly to create the garage floor epoxy installation that any Scottsdale homeowner deserves. For a highly-rated flooring job accomplished by industry professionals, there is no better alternative than Allstate Concrete Coating. 

Allstate Concrete Coatings is the most promising option for home-owners in Scottsdale looking to get an epoxy garage floor that you can feel both safe and satisfied in while calling it entirely your own. For a free estimate, call Allstate Concrete Coatings today at (480)-772-1187 or email us at info@allstateconcretecoatings.com. We hope to hear from you soon. 

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