Benefits of Metallic Epoxy Flooring

If you feel stuck with your current flooring option, metallic epoxy flooring is a fantastic alternative to regular flooring. In addition, Metallic epoxy flooring not only makes your floor look better but increases its longevity as well. Each application of the metallic epoxy is unique, with no two floors looking the same. With metallic epoxy, your floor could look subtle, with a hint of sparkles, or extravagant with an excellent lava-esque finish. If you’re looking for a floor to call your own, metallic epoxy flooring entirely could be right for your home or business. 

Benefits of Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Improved Toughness

If you’re looking to improve the toughness and durability of your residential or commercial floors, metallic epoxy coatings are the solution for you. Metallic epoxy incorporates a two-step primer, which unites with a metallic pigment to create a long-lasting flooring. In addition, applying metallic epoxy over vinyl tiles, concrete, or laminate flooring will create a base that will last years. Furthermore, doing so without cracks, nicks, or general wear. In addition, metallic epoxy offers increased toughness in ways other types of flooring cannot.

Stylish Appearance

Metallic epoxy floors will create a space of unique living fit for any homeowner’s requests. Moreover, no two metallic epoxy floors look the same, so creating your own gives the business or homeowner the unique opportunity to craft a design made with your sensibilities in mind. On top of a glossy, slick appearance, your favorite color with a subtle sparkle can seamlessly tie a room together. Red, blue, green, yellow- it doesn’t matter. The limit of a metallic epoxy floor is the homeowner’s artistic imagination. 

Increased Safety 

On top of being extremely durable, metallic epoxy flooring is also safer than the alternative. Metallic epoxy flooring is slip-resistant, improving the safety of both homeowners and guests when entering your place of business or house. In addition, metallic epoxy flooring is also chemical resistant, avoiding a harsh chemical environment on your body. 

Stress-Free Installation

Installing the metallic epoxy flooring to your business or home might seem stressful, but the process has never been more straightforward. With Allstate Concrete Coatings, a concentrated, hard-working group of professionals will manage all of your concerns. These installers are licensed, insured, and ready to give you the metallic epoxy floor you’ve always wanted. 

Why Allstate Coatings?

So, when it comes to installing and applying your metallic epoxy floor, you need to be sure you’re getting the right team to do the right job. It’s hard to trust a contractor without proper credentials to install your dream floor. It is crucial to contact a highly recommended professional with a track record that will give you confidence. 

For any customer, it is important to find a metallic epoxy coating company that will treat your garage, patio, or business with the respect it deserves. Every customer deserves a flooring company that will communicate openly, work hard, and ensures that your needs are met promptly. As a customer, you should feel confident in your purchase, and that feeling of confidence can only be met with a company that will give you the best job possible. 

If you’re a Scottsdale business or homeowner, Allstate Concrete Coatings is the best option for metallic epoxy installation. Allstate Concrete Coating is a leader in quality within the coatings business and has the background to prove it. The team at Allstate Concrete Coating is licensed, bonded, and insured and is driven to provide the best possible service for a competitive market price. For a quality flooring job done by industry professionals, there is no better option than Allstate Concrete Coating.

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